• Micro-label

    A solution to start a brokerage business in the financial market.

The perfect all-inclusive brokerage solution for global institutional and retail brokers. By utilising our white label solutions, brokers may easily launch their broker business and provide their clients with a branded experience that is fully customizable to their needs.

What is Micro-Label?

With Quantum Capital Global Micro-Label solution you can now offer cilents a complete cTrader & Match-Trader platform with no hassle and without passby though the bank. The advantage of Quantum Capital Global Micro-Label solution are available to salesperson, marketing teams, customer service, and person who interacts with customers in large and small organization. A customize website and CRM that wil attract people and customers with an elegant design and a top-notch UI/UX. Boost trader performance by giving them access to a large active social trading community.

Features of Micro-Label

Customize Design

Every feature of our CRM system is specifically designed for forex brokers.

Privacy Protection

Assign specific permissions for different staff member for maximum data protection.

Type of choice

Mutliple dashboards with full customization allow you to get all info you need in one page

Marketing Tools

Use CRM to increase your performance with Integrated marketing and automation tools